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  1. Mum says:

    We’ll never see your face again
    or hear your gentle voice
    We had to let you go
    for we had no other choice

    We’re searched our hearts for answers
    and asked endless questions why
    yet still we cannot understand
    no matter how we try

    In life you were loved dearly
    in passing we love you still
    there’ll always be a place in our hearts
    that you can only fill.

    10 years have gone since we held
    you tight, but still you went on that
    awful night.

    Time has passed, our hearts broken
    there is never a day when we don’t miss

    Love you always
    Mum & Dad

  2. Dad & Mum says:

    If we could have a lifetime wish
    and one dream that could come true
    We would pray to God with all our hearts
    just to see and speak to you
    A thousand words won’t bring you back
    We know because we’ve tried
    and neither will a million tears
    We know because we’ve cried
    Youve left behind our broken hearts
    and precious memories too
    But weve never wanted memories
    We only wanted you

  3. Rog & Von says:

    Nine years have passed and so much has happened and is happening . We grow older , but Jodie you will always be young and happy in our memories .

    Love Rog and Von

  4. Brother says:

    Another year goes by and now it’s 9 years past and there was so many great memories,they will always last.
    We all miss you and hate that we cannot share, but unfortunately things happen and that’s our crux to bare.
    There are so many bad things that happens in life, but still not having you here cuts deep like a knife.
    You will always be watching down from heaven, and tonight we shall raise a glass around about seven.
    Miss you now and forever my best friend, my sister!
    Sam xxx

  5. Mum says:

    Oh my goodness Jodie
    No one knows just how lonely
    Nine years has past
    Life goes on so fast
    Our one regret that we couldn’t do
    Was to hold on to our precious daughter, you.

    Love and miss you always
    Mum & Dad xxx

  6. Mum says:

    Happy Birthday Darling. Miss you by my side
    You are always in my thoughts and
    Forever in my heart. Xxx

  7. Dad says:

    So go and run free with the angels
    Dance around the golden clouds
    For the lord has chosen you to be with him
    And we should feel nothing but proud
    Although he has taken you from us
    And our pain a lifetime will last
    Your memory will never escape us
    But make us glad for the time we did have
    Your face will always be hidden
    Deep inside our hearts
    Each precious moment you gave us
    Shall never, ever depart
    So go and run free with the angels
    As they sing so tenderly
    And please be sure to tell them
    To take good care of you for me

  8. Rog & Von says:

    An eventful 2014 Jodie , we so wish you had been here to share it with us .
    Remembering you on this saddest of days .
    Love Rog & Vonxx

  9. Brother says:

    Can’t believe its been 8 years since you were taken away. It seems only like yesterday that we were sharing a dance to ‘Build me up buttercup” You are truly missed and not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. So much has happened since you have gone, and so much I wish I could share with you! Special people in my life that I know you would of loved. I know you are forever looking down on me, keep shining! There are so many fond memories I have and too many to share but I’ll treasure them as always with you in my heart. Love ya big sister you truly were my inspiration xxxxxx

  10. Mum & Dad says:

    Hello my Darling, Happy Birthday, 36 we will be celebrating with cake and Champers although you will not be joining us you are always with us, in our hearts and thoughts every minute of every hour of every day. Never forgotten. Enjoy your party, sing loud, dance wild and shine brightly we will be watching. Love and miss you xxx

  11. Rog and Von says:

    Remembering you Jodie on this saddest of anniversaries . Time flies by so fast, but the memory of your smiling face never fades. Love Rog and Von

  12. Mum & Dad says:

    Another year has flewn past, so much has happen. We question every day why you were taken, you should have been here sharing in the joy and sorrow with our family and friends but instead your above dancing with the Angels. Not one day goes by without us thinking about you.
    Thought it would be easier as the years pass but instead it definately becomes harder. Love and miss you more every day. Mum and Dad. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Sam says:

    Another year has passed again and still it hurts so much. So much has happened that I wanted to share with you but can’t. I knew your there looking down but its just not the same, but don’t worry I’m not down I just use it to drive me forward. I always tell Jessica about her aunt Jo Jo, and no matter what you will still be a part of her life. Love and miss you as always, keep twinkling lots of love Sam xx

  14. anita brad jamie claire jodie matt louise and pearl says:

    Thinking of you today and always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love you bunny ears

  15. Anita@Brad @family says:

    Bunny ears in heaven Jodie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. Sam(brother) says:

    A very happy birthday sis hope your celebrating up above! I’ll be raising a glass to you later and remembering all our fond memories! It’s been a tough few weeks and I wish you had been here but got through it love and miss you so much! Happy birthday love your bro!! Xx

  17. Mum & Dad says:

    Happy 35th Birthday Darling, hopefully where ever you are you will be having a great day, with lots of presents, cake and a lovely chilled glass of Bubbly. Dad and I always talk about you and Sam, reliving all our wonderful memories that you left us with. We often wonder what and where you would be if you hadn’t been taken from us so early.
    You pop into our minds on a daily basis, sometimes a smile, sometimes a tear. You will never be forgotten, only remembered with love. Our family is incomplete without you. Enjoy your day, miss you so much but can only thank you for all the wonderful memories you left us with.
    Love you forever xxxxx

  18. Paul says:

    thinking of you today as always on the day that changed the world! xxx

  19. Dad and Mum says:

    Its Jessica’s third birthday today, she so reminds us of you and Sam at that age, adorable, happy, and a total joy to be with. We wish you could be here to share this special occasion and we are sure that where ever you are you will be looking down on your brother and niece with pride. Love you and miss you darling forever in our hearts love Mum Dad Sam and Jessica.

  20. Samm Radford (Hefford) says:

    Hi Jodie
    I have looked here at your site before but never knew what to say. You were a wonderful person, the girl everybody liked at school and by god could u run!
    I have a few memories of our time at southfield, u normally telling me to stop acting the clown but with a smile on your face. The way u listened when I told you how hard life was at home as a child.
    I have just been looking through the photos and without even realising it I had tears streaming down my face, the unfairness of it all. You were so beautiful inside and out.
    I have been through treatment twice now and god willing I am still here, so I know your pain and suffering. I hope now you are at peace and living it up wherever you are.
    So much to say Jode but dont know how to put it into words.
    Sending you and your family so much love…. Samm xxx

  21. Dad and Mum says:

    Thinking of you during these trying times. Your strength that carried you through gives us strength. We will never understand why you were taken from us but our love for you lives on deep in our hearts.
    Dad and Mum xxx

  22. Rog and Von 8/12/2012 says:

    Often in our thoughts , more so on this sad anniversary . The gaping hole you have left can not be be put into words . Time heals only a little and for some not at all .

    R.I.P. Jodie

  23. Sam says:

    Another year flown past! A great big happy birthday will be raising a glass to you tonight, I am sure you will be shining brightly.Lots of love Sam & Zoe. A big kisses and hugs to Aunt Jo Jo from Jessica to xxxx

  24. Mum says:

    Happy Birthday Jod,
    You are always on our minds. Luckily we have such wonderful memories of you that we hold so dear in our hearts.
    Love and miss you so much.
    All our love Mum and Dad x

  25. molly glass says:

    misss you sososoo much , i will never forget you! loveee millionssss i just miss you sososo much :'(<3<3<3<3xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  26. Sam (bro) says:

    Thinking of you today as was 6 years since I left bannatynes gym, and I remember asking your advice if I should leave or not? You of course were always on my side, as I know your still by my side now. Everyone misses you no end, even if they don’t say it you can see it. Jessica is growing up so fast, and I was getting her to name you the other day from one of your pix. She calls you Jo Jo and its so sweet. Think its time for me to think of a new challenge so if you want to give me a nudge in the right direction that be great. Miss you and love you lots, Sam xxx

  27. Mum and Dad says:

    Lovely day for Jessica’s 2nd birthday party with all her little friends.
    A beautiful day for a beautiful girl. Miss you always
    Nan Nan and Gan Dad xx

  28. Paul says:

    Hello my love, I have been wondering what to write for a while now but been stuck for words – not like me I know! Things have changed a lot in the past couple of years and I know you would be happier for me to be where I am now – I was lost for quite a while without you and although I miss you terribly can look back on our time with joy, we had so many good times! I know you are at peace and will be forever in my heart until we meet again.

    Love always

    Paul x

  29. Mum & Dad says:

    December 8th 2012.
    Thank you to everyone who remembered and sent us lovely messages, or who visited Jodie at the Kettering Crematorium on her “Angel Day”.
    Five years have passed since she went to sleep and it only feels like yesterday. So much has happened in all our lives, although not with us Jodie is the one missing constant.
    Many regret that she is not with us to share in our joyous occasions. laugh with us, cry with us. We believe that she sees it all, laughs when we laugh, Cringes when we Cringe, Cries when we Cry. Always smiling down from high above.
    Please keep in touch wherever you are, whatever you are doing. We love hearing from you all just as she always did.
    Love and miss you every second, every minute, every hour of every day xxx

  30. Mum and Dad says:

    God looked around his garden
    and found an empty place
    He then looked down upon this earth
    and saw your tired face
    He put his arms around you
    and lifted you to rest
    God’s garden must be beautiful
    He always takes the best
    He knew that you were suffering
    He knew you were in pain
    He knew that you would never
    get well on earth again
    He saw that the road was getting rough
    and the hills are hard to climb
    So he closed your weary eyelids
    and whispered, “Peace be thine”
    It broke our hearts to lose you
    But you didn’t go alone
    For part of us went with you
    The day God called you home

  31. Rog and Von says:

    5 years on and still so missed.

  32. Lindsay says:

    Thinking of you Jodie, miss you. Much love to all your family x

  33. Sam (bro) says:

    5 years to the day since you passed, can’t believe where the time gone. You were such an inspiration, my big sis, the one I will always look up to. I miss you, but will cherish the time we had and the fond memories we shared. You will always be in my heart. Love you always.
    Wish we could of shared new memories with my family.

    Love Sam, Zoe & Jessica

  34. Bev says:

    Always thinking of you, especially today.

    Lots of love, Bev. xxx

  35. Mum & Dad says:

    To our beautiful gift who blossomed into our wonderful Daughter. We miss you so much but cherish our memories. You are forever in our thoughts and dreams. Happy Birthday, Sleep tight.
    Love Mum and Dad xxxx

  36. Brother says:

    Happy birthday Sis love you and miss you no end!!! Thought I would share another happy memory of when we were in the lake district with mum and dad. Me and you playing squash and me playing very well with shots all over the place. Hitting the ball off everywall and I was whopping you, however you kept telling me my points didn’t count. Until dad turned up and I found out you were making rules up as went along. Good times, Jessic growing up fast wish you could see it! Know your looking down and watching on lots of love Sam, Zoe and Jessica XXX

  37. Sam (bro) says:

    They say it should get easier in time and you learn to live with it, but I miss you as much now as the day you were taken from us! There is so much going on in my life that I want to share with you, but I can’t. Wish you could of been here to see Jessica grow up, you would of been a brilliant aunt! Soon be moving house to our new family home. Everyday there be at least 1 thing that brings a memory to me, only yesterday the song up on the roof came on my phone on the way to work and reminded me of our family hol to malta with the pool and bar on the roof, happy times. Never forgotton always in my heart and hope you would of been proud all my love Sam

  38. Karen Chapman says:

    I am still shocked to see you are no longer with us, many memories of you… my tennis partner, netball team player, hockey, rounders and many more at southfields… you was a fast runner and outdid everyone, a great team mate too…. always enjoyed a good hockey game with you jodie…with much love to you and all your family… Karen Davis xxxxxx

  39. Mum and Dad says:

    Death leaves a heartache
    no one can heal;
    Love leaves a memory no
    one can steal
    lots of love mum and dad

  40. Rog and Von says:

    Like many we cannot believe it’s fours years since you so tragically left us.

    Thinking of you especially today as we do many other days.

    Love Rog and Von XX

  41. Paul says:

    Well my love another year has passed and I miss you as much as ever. It still feels like only yesterday when you had to go. All our special memories & good times I hold dear, you are forever in my heart.

    Love always

    Paul x x x

  42. Mum & Dad says:

    Although we cannot touch you, hold you, see you you are always on our minds, in our thoughts and forever in our hearts.

    Today remembering all the things we shared, we remember you with pride, a smile on our face, laughter in our eyes, revelling in old stories. Shedding a tear or two when realising that it is 4 years since you departed

    We will look for you tonight shining brightly in the sky. As you dance past, high above, give us a wave, blow us a kiss.

    Missed every day, loved for ever, forgotten never

  43. Sam (bro) says:

    Another year has passed and it doesn’t seem possible. It only feels like yesterday I was pushing you into a pond, while visiting Great Aunt Et. Although I did give you fair warning, that it would be the case, if you kept annoying me, We did have some fun growing up and how I savour those times. This last year we had our little miracle ‘Jessica’. And I know you had a hand with the weather on her christening day. I miss you tremendously, more than many know! This last week or so you have been shining very bright. Love you big sis with all my heart, keep shining the way for me!

    All our love, Sam, Zoe and Jessica XXX

  44. Sam (bro) says:

    Happy birthday sis. I raised a bottle to you tonight but only problem was a milk bottle of Jessica’s. We all miss you as much as ever, but you are always by my side. Wish could of been celebrating your 32nd, but I saw you darting across the sky instead. Love as always Sam, Zo and your niece. With plenty of smiles and giggles from Jessica XX

  45. Mum and Dad says:

    We still can’t believe its another year since we lost you. We would have all loved to have been at your 32nd birthday party. We expect you celebrated with the other angels patying the night away. You are only ever a moment away in our thoughts. Lots of love always. Mum and Dad

Strong a Poem for Jodie | Lost Youth by Beverley Ayres | Celebration of Jodie by Phil York

You were sadly missed today. You would have been so proud of your niece. She was so good in the church and at the reception. x

your family are truly inspirational the way they supported you and each other god bless you all

Well its all change here we have now moved house and you have become an aunty to a beautiful babby girl Jessica Jodie Adams and at 6lb 6oz. Im sure you would have been the best aunty in the world but instead you get to look over her 24 hours a day. Keep shining bright you are forever in our thoughts. Love mum and dad
Mum and Dad

There is not a second that goes by that I don’t think of you and miss you, but there are always tiny miracles in my life that let me know you are with me every step of the way.With that I cherish all our fond, happy memories, and continue to look up to you, with which you shine down. You are always in my heart and never to far away. Love as always your bro xx
Sam (bro)

I thought of you with love today but that is nothing new I thought about you yesterday and days before that too, I think of you in silence I often speak your name All I have are memories and your picture in a frame Your memory is my keepsake with which I’ll never part God has you in His keeping I have you in my heart.

Miss you so much. Lots of love Mumxxxxxxxxxxxxx

What do I say another year gone, you are always in my thoughts. The times I would have spoken to you asking if the right decision was being made, the laughs we had, normal at my expense, everything about you was perfect. Everybody that knew you was very lucky. I know that you sent Martyn to make sure for once I made a correct decision in my life! He knows it as much as I do, in fact if he was a girl he was going to be called Jodie. I wish we could have another day together, when I get married you should be by my side. I’ll never have another friend like you, I know you are looking over everyone you Loved. Take Care lovely and I hope you are still enjoying the night life up there. Love you loads. Bec x x

December 8th 2009. Your face, your smile, your laughter, your kindness, your strength and your courage is still ingrained in our hearts and thoughts. Time is not a good healer only made us realize how lucky we were to have been blessed with you for 28 years. Knowing you are not in any pain helps us come to terms with our loss, our treasured daughter. Who we will love and miss you forever. Sleep tight Darling.xxxxxx
Mum & Dad

Can’t believe been 3 years today since you drifted away. So much has happened in my life, but I know you have been there every step of the way and will continue to be. I miss ya so much Jo, but I will never stop being strong like you told me to be on the day you were diagnosed. Will be remembering all our laughs and good times today. Keep shining down!! You are always in our hearts and thoughts all our love Sam, Zoe and bump XXX
Sam Adams

Thinking of you Jodie as we often do and especially on this sad anniversary. So hard to believe it has been three years since you left us. Rog and Von XX I saw your smiling face yesterday on a photo in your Dad’s office, it made me smile and reminded me of the great times you had through out your life. You’ll never be forgotten Jodie. Rog X
Rog and Von

Hi Jodie, They say time is a great healer but you done something to my heart that dont seem to be letting it heal.3 years tomorrow you said good night sometimes I feel it was only yesterday and other times I feel its been forever as I dont see you no more.I love and miss you Jodwa and I know thats why its so hard.I have a night out in Kettering soon and havent been out there since we last went out it reminds me so much of you.I will raise the biggest glass to you mate.Love and miss you! I dont know why but on you birthday i rubbed your bench and it was as if you were there so tomorrow I will do the same.Keep lighting that sky xxx
Mandy Glass

Miss you, love you XxX

Happy birthday sister know your always looking down staying strong and remembering happy memories. Miss you so much, love lots big sis xxx
Sam & Zoe

Happy Birthday Darling. You are always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts. Miss you so much. Mum & Dad xx
Heather & Trevor Adams

Hey Jode miss and love you as much as ever sweetheart but lots of little things let me know your still about! Sleep tight my angel, love always Paul x

Jodie, I know I should have written something sooner but I couldn’t find the right words to say. We had some of the most amazing and happy times together whilst at university. You arrived later than everyone (with your collection of friends videos) but we soon became great friends. I’ll always remember our first year in jubilee halls…setting off fire alarms, sitting on the common room floor because we’d had all the chairs and tables taken off us and who could forget out hall party dressed (badly) as the spice girls. I also remember our clubbing days getting trains at 8 in the morning and working at rookery wood the next day worse for wear! And who could forgot the legendary thursday night disco’s! It’s my 30th birthday party tomorrow and I know you would have loved to come and see all the gang. I just want to say you are one of the bravest people I have ever known and will always remember you and the great times we had. Love always. Charlotte (Aka Wigguz) xxx
Charlotte O’Brien

To my darling best friend I have just signed up to your walk and intend to raise as much as poss for it. Still feels weird thinking i am doing a walk in rememberance of you because it doesnt feel like you have gone and i still dont want to accept it. I know i have to but it is so hard because i miss you so so much Jodie. All this snow came and i couldnt wait to build a snow man but then i realised you wouldnt be here and that broke my heart…..i will keep smiling laughing and loving life though because i know you would want me too. I will never forget our last chat and the things you said to me will always be in my heart my darling best friend. I love you and miss you always. Little Jodie xxxxxxxx
Little Jodie

Hello my darling angel. I miss you so much. It is our 2nd Christmas without you and the empty space is huge. Nothing is the same without your smile. It hasn’t got easier. I loved the way every xmas we had so much fun but now it doesn’t feel fun without you Jodie. My heart still feels numb knowing I won’t see you again. A mix of shock and pain that i don’t think will ever go away. You were my ROCK. My best friend and the sister i never had. I miss you more than ever Jode. Love always….Little Jodie xxxxxxxxx
Little Jodie

Two years. It seems like forever. It seems like yesterday. You’re still on my mobile phone list, my email address book, in my heart and on my mind. Miss you and love you forever.

2 years on and I miss you as much as I ever have, but as I sit here,I jus remember all our happy memories. The good times and the fun we had, over our years of brother and sister growing up. Keep shining for me Jodewa all my love your bro, Sam
Brother Sam

Hi jodie 2 years, how could we have known then that our lifes would never be the same, we miss you today more than ever love you sweetheart xxxxxx Bunny ears in Heaven xxxx
Aunty Anita & Uncle Brad

It’s hard to believe two years have passed since that terrible day . We think of you so often Jodie. Remembering you with love, today on this saddest of anniversaries . Rog and Von xx
Rog and Von

December 8th 2008. You touch so many people with your smile. As long as memory lives. Those we love never die. For as long as we live and remember you will be with us always. You were and are our inspiration. Love & miss you Mum & Dad x
Mum & Dad

25th October 2008 We should be decorating a room Our new dresses sparkling, ready to dazzle Freshly pressed shirts for the men Wondering about who will come Will there be enough food Today we should be celebrating your 30th birthday and Sams’25th birthday A joint party like so many in the past The pair of you would dance, with others, then together The camera would click, Dad and I would smile What a picture you made. Happy birthday darling Jodie We miss your smile We miss your laughter We miss everything about you But today,your day,we miss you even more You are on our minds Always in our thoughts In our hearts forever Shine for us tonight and always. All our love Mum & Dad xxx
Mum & Dad

My beloved sister, My best friend, The one I could tell everything to Not a day goes by that I don’t miss you Not a day goes by that I don’t smile at a happy memory of you Not a day goes by that I don’t think what would Jo of thought? But then I think to myself, that you are doing the same looking down on me I celebrate this day, that is still your 30th birthday, along with my 25th Yes, it won’t be celebrated the same, but we will celebrate all of the fond memories nonetheless. You are always in my heart and by my side. Happy birthday Jodewa With all my love your bro. Sam You will always be the brightest star!!
Sam Adams

All my love sweetheart on your 30th birthday. Time passes so slowly and painfully without you Jodie. I miss you and cant help wondering what we would have been doing or where we would have been for your b’day – sleep well baby loving you always and forever – Paul x

Many,many thoughts for you this week and always.On what would have been your 30th birthday week.Will never forget you Jodie and wish you could be with us on Saturday for your birthday.Dont hardly have a drink now we have James but will be raising a glass to you on Saturday.Love and miss you always.Mandy x
Mandy Glass

Hi Mandy If you would like to talk please email me on
Heather Adams Jodie’s Mum

You were a very very brave lady. I had a brain tumour removed this february but had it removed and it was benign. I wish was as brave as you. xxx
Mandy Pepper

Hello Jodwa,I never had a doubt that you would light up the sky every night with your glow.Mate you must be glowing with pride for your Mum,Dad,Sam and all those involved in the swim.I know how proud of them you would be you always were any way.I love and miss you always and talk of you often.Keep glowing Mandwa x
Mandy Glass

hi just a quick message to tell you i am doing very well with my challenge at school i am using the information from the hippio hike page and have found some pictures of me and mum and dad hope to see you soon jasmine
Jasmine Passey (daughter of ali passey)

I was clearing out the study the other day and found a book that you had given me. You were so thoughtful and I treasured all the little gifts you gave me. This book was called to a very special dad and I just had to have a read. Thre was one small passage it read ” Thank you for guiding me through difficult times. Thank you for standing beside me when I wanted reassurance. Thank you for stepping back and letting me go it alone when the time had come.” It just seems so relevant now. God I miss you Jode, lots of love Mum and Dad xxxxx

Jodie, I had the pleasure of spending one of the happiest times of my life at university with you for 4 years. The antics in Jubilee Halls, living on Hungerford road together with Ema, Cath and Oldfield and our time in America. How worried we were when Sam came to stay and we introduced him to the famous Thursday night Venue only for us to be hung over and Sam bright as a button the next morning. So many giggles, photo’s and stories to tell that will always be with me and the rest of the gang. Evo and Roberts recently had their 30th and we were all talking about your famous 21st b’day bash. Linda and Mike Evans remembered how happy we all were. I knew you were strong Jodie but your strength and courage goes above a beyond anyone I know. Love and in my thoughts always Anna xxx
Anna McNestry

I knew Jodie for two years at the CTC & she made a lasting impression on me forever. I will never forget her & the fun we used have at school. I will not forget her!!!!
James Seward (Gums)

Anita @ Brad

Hi Jodie, We miss you lots. We got Tetley 3 bones for Christmas one from you. Lots of love and kisses from Molly and Niamh xxx
Molly and Niamh Glass

Jodwa Many times i have tried to put into words how much you ment to me and how much i miss you. I love you mate ,you have left me with fantastic memories ,holidays,nights in and out,doing nothing sometimes! i think of them all you will be forever in my heart. I know how happy you were for me when i was pregnant and now i have my beautiful little man James i wish you were here to share him with me. Stay beautiful and keep shining in the sky . love you and miss you daily Mandwa xxxx
Mandy Glass

To my gorgeous fabulous friend jodie. i cant belive a year has passed without you. not a day has gone by that i havent thought about you. if i could have one wish it would be that our beautiful little baby girl could have a cuddle with her auntie jodie. Im pretty sure you are watching over us. infact the beautiful sunshine on Lisa and Tris wedding day and the two Butterflys dancing In the church (in the middle of winter!) when they said their vows. The twinkly star that I look for and find in the night sky. and the way Darcey giggles randomly at thin air tells me that you are and will always be here with us. so really my whole year has been filled with wonderful ever lasting happy memorys of you which i know will be with me for ever. I will be drinking lots of donkeys over xmas i hope you will be doing the same. love you for ever and ever and ever stacey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
stacey bailey

I feel the same today as i did on the 8th December last year. Crushed. Loosing you was the hardest thing i have ever had to deal with. No friend could ever replace you. You brightened my life up in so many ways and who the hell can i tell all my little secrets to now? You never judged only laughed and told me off! Always a sunshine smile on your face and never a dull moment being in your company. So many years we laughed cried and smiled! Those memories are locked in my heart forever. I cherish them and always will. Heaven has gianed an angel….I love you & miss you so much! x x x x x x x x x
Little Jodie x


You are so very sadly missed Jodie and even a year on we find it so hard to believe you have gone . Your family have been so strong as you were and now your pain is over we hope the passing of time can ease their pain. But you will always be loved in their hearts and thoughts as you will ours . We were very lucky to have shared some of the 28 years with you ,very lucky indeed. Rog and Von
Rog and Von

A year ago today you drifted off to sleep We tried so hard, but could not wake you For 28years you were the light of our lives Now you’re the brightest light in the night skies. The headaches you suffered and the pain you felt has now left you Knowing you are free from it all has given us the strength to carry on. Not a day has passed without us missing you We just want to hold you, hug you and kiss you. To tell you how much you meant to us all No one will ever take your place in our hearts Dance with the Angels and play with the stars Knowing that the memories you left will last forever. Love Mum, Dad & Sam


Although we didn’t know you personally, you became a part of our lives as you walked your dog past our house everyday.

Then one day you stopped and we wondered why. We missed you. Later we discovered the terrible truth and the days got a lttle darker.

God Bless you Jodie and those you love. Our thoughts and wishes go with you and to those you left behind.

– Maggie, Dave and James



I love and miss you so much. You were a very special person who made a positive impact on all the lives that you touched. I am thankful for our time together and proud of how dignified, courageous and beautiful you always will be. We were and always will be soulmates.

Love always

Carrots x

– Paul Glass


To Jodie
A poem for our wonderful daughter.
“God Saw You Getting Tired”

God saw you getting tired,
When a cure was not to be.
So he wrapped his arms around you,
And whispered “Come unto me”.
You didn’t deserve what you went through,
And so he gave you rest.
Gods garden must be beautiful,
He only takes the best.
So when I saw you sleeping,
So peaceful and free from pain.
I could not wish you to come back,
To suffer that all again.

Missing you more than words can ever say. Love Mum and Dad


26th April 2007 you were laid to rest with everything pretty that shines with radiance which reflected you in everyway. Every day i miss you and wish we could giggle together again but i know when i look at the brightest star you are smiling back urging me to make the most out of everything…you made me appreciate all that i’m surrounded by. As a family we’ve lost a huge part and that will NEVER be replaced but our memories will always remain. Every time i think of you all i see is a brave angel who was ready to spread her wings. You were my best friend and still are Toad. Missing you always and Love you forever Little Jodie xx

– Jodie Bradshaw



Round and round the garden,
you on your tricycle I pushed and pushed,
pushed and pushed.
Wow was I bushed!
My Jodie.

Different lands, many miles and years apart,
then for a family wedding tradition, we made a new start.
My Jodie.

So to South Africa you came. Sanbonani “Hello everyone”-what a night, what a fright-hello hippo! Those long waits at the water hole for the open mouth for the photo frame!
My Jodie.

Southern Comfort for you, Nannie comforting for me!
Next day, bad hair day,
wobbly waltz,
but a beautiful bridesmaid in a long red dress.
My Jodie.

My turn to come to you,
at Uni-you looked great.
A surprize visit after a long cold trip-with my hug I thought you would break.
My Jodie

Christmas party nights, comparing our sexy tights!
Pub grub in Rockingham,
marshmallow hot chocolate in Oakham. The last time I saw you in body, but not in mind.
My Jodie.

Now baby Caitlyn,
to be your bridesmaid,
or not to be.
She will know you.
I promise.
Your love, your courage, your friendship.
My Jodie.

I couldn’t be with you to say goodbye,
but coins in th Trevi Fountain mean I will return to Rome. See you soon.
My Jodie.

Love you, miss you so much.
Love Andrea

Andrea Wilson


A poem i got off the Samantha Dickson web site

Cancer is so limited –

It cannot cripple love,

It cannot shatter hope,

It cannot corrode faith,

It cannot suppress memories,

It cannot kill friendship,

It cannot destroy peace,

It cannot silence courage,

It cannot invade the soul,

It cannot steal eternal life,

It cannot conquer the spirit.

– Sam ( Brother)






Bethany Kilgallon

why did you have to leave so early . It still dose not seem real . I´ll never forget you .
lots of love beth


john earthy/hickman

u are sadly missed by everyone who knew u. i will always remember the fun times u me and antony had at Bryanstone and the swimming club

god bless u jodie
love john


Anna McKenzie

Jodie’s Old school teacher

Jodie was always a leader in the class and usually an influence for good, without being too well-behaved for a normal, vivacious personality. We shall miss her sorely.


Hilary Williams (Wilson)

I have been privaledged to be part of your family and to have known you although for many years we were separated by so many miles, we always kept in touch albeit not often. Ihave known your mum and Nan for a long time and know they were very proud of you in everything you did as I am. What you achieved in your very short life is remarkable and you were an example which many could follow and benefit from.

You will always have a part in my heart and I will never forget you.

Till we meet again.

Love Hilary (Great Aunt)


ann healey (australia)

Dearest Heather, Trevor & Sam – know that we are always thinking of you and your beautiful family – stay strong – Jodie would be so proud of all of you. Much love, Ann, Peter, Simon and Jarrod xxxx


Loz, Bruce & Chicks Gilmour

Jod, Sorry its taken us this long to put into words the impact you had on our lives… there are so many that I could be here typing forever! but the most important one was LOVE. We gave you love, you gave us love and you’ll never be forgotten.
I hope there’s a swimming pool in heaven so you can carry on the lessons,as Chick1 always speaks of you when she’s having hers.
Keep smiling
The Gilmour’s


You will be sadly missed by all. The memory that sticks in my mind of you is one of my first swimming galas (at City of Oxford) at which I was about 10 and not even above your waist in terms of height. You were swimming before me and said to me that I should give it my best shot, imagine you were racing me and try to beat you. I did give it my best shot but did not beat you. From then on I wanted to race you but unfortuantely never got the chance. Maybe I was just too scared that you would beat me at whatever age we raced at!!!!

Any way Jodie thank you ever so much for all the advice and help you gave me when I was younger. You really were a breath of fresh air to a naive child who was always nervous. I apologise for not staying in touch as much as I should and I will regret that. Sorry.

Jodie, you will never be forgotten and will always be in our hearts and thoughts forever.
Take care
All my Love
Jaime x x

Jaime Cox

So sorry to hear that your battle with your illness ended sadly. You were such a brave and strong girl.You made your Mum, Dad and Sam so proud of you, as we all were.
You’ll always be remembered Jodie.
Keep shining on us from that bright star up above.
With love
Jenny and Roger

Jenny and Roger Cox



My rock has been taken away, you were the best friend anyone could have asked for. Megan will always be told about her amazing God Mother, sorry we never got round to christen her.
You will always be in all our hearts, and the memorys of you will never fade.
Love U always.

Becci Duck


miss you you were a good friend good night and god bless



I cant stop thinking about the fun times we had at primary school, the trip to Wales and that cartoon book we made for the childrens ward at the Hospital, you will be missed but never forgotten.


Fish Mark Warman


You touched our hearts in so many ways, every single memory I have of you puts a smile on my face! Growing up with you was such an honour and I will never forget you. It seems fitting to say “You are an absolute Angel!” Fly well my friend. All my Love. Lee

– Lee Patrick


Jodie, your positive attitude and appoach to life is an example to us all. Paul, Trev, Heather and Sam must be so proud.

– Steve Smith


Big Jod, you were the bravest person ive ever known, u constantly kept ur chin up and there was never a dull moment around u, u will always br in our hearts mate, lots a love

– jamie bradshaw


We lost touch and will never meet again. For the carefree nights out we had and the memories we shared, goodbye and rest in peace. My warmest wishes to your family x

– Sharon Fox (Mayhew)


Eh up my darling
Would just like to say that you are truely one in a million and a inspiration to us all, i am so so glad that we met and am honoured to share a part of my life with you, i will miss you greatly but will always remember the great times we shared, so here’s to you and that infectious smile of yours
As always all my love Cooks xxxx

– Dave Cooksey



It was a real joy and pleasure to have known you and my sincere condolences go to Heather, Trevor, Sam and Paul.

I remember the weekend,a few years back, when you had some work down at Silverstone and you joined up with your dad and the rest of us F1 nutters after some horrendously long shift looking after the day trippers in the hospitality area. You were more than a match for us seasoned party animals even though you had to kip in the awning!! Fond memories of a lovely girl.

God bless.

Pete x

– Pete Lamping (Hull)



So many childhood memories of us both, for which I will always treasure and be thankful for.

You touched our lives, and we feel blessed to have been apart of yours.

You will be missed, but always remembered and never forgotten.

All my love
Simon x

– Simon Green


Dear Jodie
You will truly be missed. You were an inspiration to us all. Thanks for the great times we all spent together.
Forever in our thoughts and prayers.
Sleep well dearest Jodie. God bless.
Love Willy, Lesa Bethany and Lonnie xxxx

– Willy ,Lesa , Bethany and Lonnie Kilgallon


My introduction to Jodie was “This is big Jodie”. The Jodie i knew and loved to so dearly was kind, considerate, unselfish and beautiful but most importantly to me “she was the sister i never had”. I would of been honoured to have been her bridesmaid but sadly that day did not come.

The word that best describes this angel is brave, Hey jode no tears.

There will not be a single day that i do not think of you nor a second i do not Miss you.

Love you and Miss you
Sleep in Peace.

Little Jodie x

Big Jodie,
The memories we’ve shared will always be locked my heart and always shared with those you loved. The sparkle in your eyes were enough to make me smile and i will never forget the way you could lighten up a room by your presense. You are one brave angel that has made me realise life is so precious. Whenever im lost i will turn to the stars and i know you will guide me. Sleep in peace my beautiful friend. Love always and forever. Lil Jodie x

– Little Jodie Bradshaw


You are sadly missed by many people. I will always remember you as one of my Swimmers particularly the fun you bought to us all at Bryanstone.
God Bless you Jodie


– Steve Earthy


thank you for teaching me to swim.
lots of love to you and the angels

– eve jappy



How will I remember you?
Your trademark smile that could brighten up anybodys worst day,
A ‘look’ could bring anybody into line – even Paul.
Your selfless thoughtfulness – There were days when treatment had attempted to block out your sparkle ~ but you still shone. I’d ask how you were feeling, you’d give a short reply and move on; always asking me how I was.
Now you’re pain free and will be the Jodie we knew best for ever more.
Although resting in peace; I’m not so sure, you’re more likely to be in the best gym … ever, taking on Larry for the ‘happiest’ stakes, complete with a smile that goes from ear to ear.
You will be remembered in many ways Jodie, forgotten… never.
x ~ Shaun

– Shaun Seager


I was sent this poem some years ago but I’d like to share it with you as it’s so true:

The Miracle of Friendship

There’s a miracle called friendship that dwells within the heart,
And you don’t know how it happens or even when it starts,
But the happiness it brings you always gives a special lift,
And you realise that friendship is life’s most precious gift.

Bev Ayres

My heart aches to know that you’re no longer in my life. What a great friend you have always been. Such a selfless person. Through all your struggles you were always more concerned with how things were in my life. Being a typical athelete, you saw everything as just another hurdle to get over, you never gave up and never complained.
We’ve shared so many memories and I wish we could share more. All I can say is Monty Python, The labyrinth, cycling shorts and a random rock at Wickies Park!

Love you loads,

Pete Meadows!



Your by far the bravest person I have ever met and we will all miss you deeply, you have made Paul into the man he is today and we will all never forget you.
God Bless and Sweet Dreams Im sure right now your playing netball and showing them all how its done.
miss you

– Suzanne Glass


Lindsay Tilley

Dearest Jodie,

I am so sorry you are no longer with us, I hope Paul and your family are able to take some comfort from the really lovely words written on this page. You were a very special girl and one who will always be remembered.

You were so much fun to be around, I love the fact that you took so much joy from life, even your illness became something for you to laugh at.

I’ve been looking at the pictures from our work Christmas do a few years ago, there’s a cracking one of you in your pink Maid Marion dress (you managed to make pink velour and a dodgy headband look stunning!). You’ll be thrilled to know its proudly displayed on the intranet!

You will never be forgotten, thank you for being my friend.

With love




Zoe Marshall

I’ve shed a tear or two over Christmas thinking about you and whilst telling family and friends about you, your illness and your passing. Everyone, it appears, has been moved by your bravery and your ordeal. I am moved by my memories of you and how you allowed nothing to get you down.

I hope you’ve found a netball court where you are, that way you’ll continue to shame me for no longer playing.

By the way, have you read any good books lately?

Rest in Peace, with Love, Zoe xxxxxx


Paul & Patricia Williamson

We met Jodie at Rogers party and were both charmed by her and could see why she had so many friends. Despite her illness, she radiated happiness and warmth to all those around her.

God Bless
Paul & Patricia Williamson X